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Welcome to the Faculty Teaching & Learning Commons

The Faculty Teaching and Learning Commons is a space for faculty to connect with each other, to learn from each other, and to more closely integrate passions and profession. Tour these web pages to glimpse the incredible energy and talent of the UNCG faculty and to find engaging opportunities to celebrate and enrich your intellectual and professional life.

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Featured Event
featured event 2013-14 Teaching Excellence Award winnners announced

UNCG recognizes just a few of the fantastic teachers who practice their craft here. Click here to see the full list.

Featured Community
featured community Global Engagement

In concert with the Quality Enhancement Plan, this learning community focuses energy toward several directions including addressing outside the classroom needs of our international student population. More.

Featured Faculty
featured faculty Ben Ramsey,
(REL) FTLC Senior Fellow

Learn more about Ben Ramsey, including what drew him to teaching, why he focused on religious studies, and what one thing he would change about UNCG. More.


As part of new faculty mentoring efforts, the FTLC will offer a one-hour presentation and discussion on several Tuesdays. More.

What's my role in the University, not just my department? A one hour, informal panel to give a motivational talk to new NTT faculty. More.

TeMaLe Learning Community, led by education research specialists Ian Beatty and William Gerace (PHY), and supported by the FTLC and ITS. Meets on Friday afternoons. More.